R - resources

All new & relevant material can be found on the GitHub page:

R resources for ecological niche modelling:
Main R packages:
  • biomod2 - create ENMS & SDMs for species with GLM, GAM, BRT, RF, MAXENT ect.
  • dismo - general package for basic species distribution modelling.
Packages for evaluation, customizing & presentations 
  • Evaluating models & data
  • Presenting maps & amodels
    • rasterVis - fancy custom plots with raster data
    • plotKML - Display data with Google Earth/Google Maps 
Working with & preparing spatial data layers
  • raster - does pretty much everything (loads other packages sp ect.)
      • raster; extract; crop; calc; hillShade
  • rgdal - see function readOGR

    Species occurrence record data sources:
    Public open access record locality data sources, many tend to reference each other, but occasionally the larger databases tend to loose some of the associated metadata. 
    Specific to Mimulus cardinalis or other plants in Oregon and California 
    Grey literature search engines for locality records
    • (if rare) Species search directly in Goole Maps or Google Earth 
    • Morpho - links report to geographic location and allows species specific searches. 
    • Dryad - only if desperate for more locality records of a rare species. 
    • Georeferenced photo sharing sites such as Calphoto or Panoramio.

    Environmental variables:

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